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    There are 10 performances in the repertoire of "Maskam Rad" Theatre:

    1. "The Nameless Star" M.Sebastyan,
    2. Author's performances "The Sabbath for two" and " Maskam Rad "
    3. "The Night Before Christmas" based on a story of Nikolai Gogol
    4. "Wonderful epіsode" on a story V.Vynnychenko
    5. " The Very Same Münchhausen " by G. Gorin
    6. "Mozart and Salieri" by A. Pushkin
    7. "Who is stronger," J.-A. Strindberg
    8. " The Memento " from a story by O. Henry
    9. "At the Ark at 8" W. Huba

    "Sabbath for two"

    The first premiere of the theater was a one-act play "Sabbath for two" or "mischief for adults" which the theater presented on July 2, 2011 on the area of theatrical festival "Trypilske kolo. Povіtrya". This is a small picture of the life - communication between a two women, the eldest conveys her experience to younger in a in a very sophisticated way. Reflections on the theme of human values, about the main things in the life and not such important thigs, about finding the priorities in life and responsible choice of the own way of life.
    Starring: Inna Goncharova, director is Ksenia Goncharova, starring: Olga Gdulya (Les), Victor Kozhevnikov (Arthur), Inna Goncharova (Asya), Cyril Djachuk (Eugene)

    "The Nameless Star"

    The next premiere of the theater was the play " The Nameless Star ", based on the eponymous play by the brilliant Romanian playwrighter Mihai Sebastian. The first premiere was on February 16, 2012 and took an unexpected success. Probably because the play is about the eternal and imperishable.

    The life flows measuredly and monotonicaly in a provincial town, where the only window to the world is the train station. But even at this station fast trains had never stopped. They passed trough, each time leaving residents on a platform. But one day, a miracle happened!One silent May evening express train coming from resort of Sinaia to Bucharest have suddenly stopped at the station. The reason was a ticketless passenger. Genre of the play is very difficult to define: it is a romantic comedy and melodrama, and even drama in the same time.
    Written by Mihai Sebastian, director Ksenia Goncharova, starring: Cyril Djachuk (Marin), Ksenia Goncharova (Mona), Olga Gdulya (Kuku, conductor), Victor Kozhevnikov (Grieg), Irina Orlova (Mrs. Ispas), Alena Bryant & Alesya Lifantiy (Zamfirescu), Oscar Iansons (Udrea), Dmitry Matusov (Pascoe), Stanislava Goncharova (mouse)

    "Maskam Rad"

    On June 12, 2012 at the Kiev House of actor took place the premiere " Maskam Rad ". The main themes of the play is the choice and a price of power issue. The plot is based on historical moments and is dedicated to the coming to power of Catherine II. She was a controversial figure, and even provocative in the perception of Ukrainian historians and all indifferent to the history of Ukraine. In the play music of Mozart, Lully, Boccherini was used.
    Directed by Inna Goncharova. Starring: Cyril Djachuk (Saltykov, Alexei Orlov), Olga Gdulya, Alena Bryant (court ladies), Victor Kozhevnikov (Gorigory Orlov), Natalia Kol'tsova (Empress Elizabeth), Oscar Iansons (Grand Duke Peter), Dmitry Matusov (butler), Inna Goncharova (Catherine)

    "The Night Before Christmas"

    On December 1, 2012 in the Kiev House of the actor took place the premiere "The Night Before Christmas" based on the novel by Nikolai Gogol. Hilarious and wise tale with Ukrainian folk motives, bright costumes and groovy music. In the first season, the performance was shown more than 10 times and always passed with the same success.
    Directed by Inna Goncharova. Starring: Dmitry Matusow (the Devil), Stanislava Goncharova (a little Devil's student), Cyril Djachuk (Vakula), Ksenia Goncharova (Oksana), Inna Goncharova (Solokha, court lady), Oscar Iansons (Chub, Cossack, magical characters), Victor Kozhevnikov (Panas , Patsyuk, Potemkin), Inna Goncharova (Empress Catherine II, a resident of Dikan'ka), Olga Gdulya (Panas' wife), Irina Orlova, Antonina Vorobyov (Oksana's friends, court ladies, the passersby in the epilogue), Alesya Lifanty (Odarka, Oksana), Dmitry Orlov (Cossack)

    "Wonderful epіzod"

    On August 22, 2013 at the Art Center Jacob Grether took place the premiere of "Wonderful episode" based on a story of Vynnychenko.
    Romantic story - a small episode in the life of an artist. Reflections about the duality of human nature and a search for creative people in the understanding of this duality. Story take place somewhere in Europe: in Paris or Madrid, or in any other European city. Perhaps it was a long time ago - even before World War I, perhaps, happening right now
    Directed by Inna Goncharova. Starring: Inna Goncharova (Natalya, woman with an umbrella), Oscar Jansons (Vladimir)

    " The Very Same Münchhausen " Grigory Gorin

    The premiere was held on September 15, 2013 in the Kiev House of Actor.
    Who is he, The Very Same Münchhausen, the legendary Baron - a liar and an eccentric, or, conversely, a person who always tells the truth? The play doesn't give a clear answer to this question. It should be decided by every viewer itself. Because between the truth and a lie there is almost no line. Like there is no line between comedy and tragedy, they are both very close to each other in human life. The performance is recommended for children from 9-10 years old and older, as well as to the adults, regardless of age.
    Directed by Ksenia Goncharova. Starring: Victor Kozhevnikov (Munchausen), Inna Goncharova (Baroness), Oscar Iansons (Burgermeister), Cyril Djachuk (Ramkopf), Ksenia Goncharova, Alesya Lifanty (Martha), Irina Orlova (Tony), Dmitry Orlov (Pastor), Olga Gdulya (Rose), Larisa Mikhailova (Judge), Dmitry Matusov (Feovil), Natalia Plohotnyuk (Clara), Daria Mikhailova (dancer), Stanislava Goncharova (dancer)

    "Who is stronger"

    On January 25, 2014 in Kiev Fortress was held the premiere of "Who is stronger," by a famous Swedish playwrighter Johan-August Strindberg. Performance is dynamic, with deep and very beautiful meaning – the Lautrec's paintings come to life on the stage.
    Directed by Inna Goncharova. Starring: Olga Gdulya Inna Goncharova, Larissa Mikhailova, Dmitry Matusov

    "Mozart and Salieri"

    On March 22, 2014 in Kiev Fortress was held the premiere of "Mozart and Salieri" by Alexander Pushkin from the "Little Tragedies" series.
    This is the first of the famous Pushkin's tragedy, which the theater presented to the viewer. The next performance will be a small tragedy "The Stone Guest" (September 20, 2014 in Kiev Fortress)

    "The Momento"

    On April 5, 2014 in Kiev Fortress was the premiere of "The Momento" based on a story by O. Henry. America in the latest thirties. Broadway. Play about love, however, like all the other performances of the Theatre " Maskam Rad "

    "At the Ark at 8"

    On April 30, 2014 to examiners' and audience's attantion, a member of "Maskam Rad" Theatre, director by profession Alesia Lifanty has presented her diploma work– the play of German playwrighter Ulrich Huba "at the Ark at 8." Performance, especially for children, but adults will enjoy of it too. About imperishable: God, friendship, love, kindness and understanding.





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    Inna Goncharova



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