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About the theater

Open nonacademic Theatre (ONT) "Maskam Rad" was created in June 2011 by a few enthusiasts. " Maskam Rad " Theatre is a socio-cultural non-profit project, which is funded by the organizators, participants of the project and charitable giving spectators and sponsors..

" Maskam Rad " Theatre – is a place for disclosure of talent, creative potentional and art school students' development, members of the Kiev theater studios, and all lovers of drama and theater art, regardless of age and activity.

The first premiere of the theater was a one-act play "Sabbath for two," which the theater presented on July 2, 2011 on the area of theatrical festival "Trypilske kolo. Povіtrya. "

February 16, 2012 was the date of the first big premiere of the play "Nameless Star" by M.Sebastyan (full reading). The second premiere of this play was on March 20 at the House of Actors in Kiev.

The Theatre is actively involved in charity work. Almost all the performances have free entrance. We are performing in orphanages, show performances on various charity events, invite students to the performances of Kiev children's homes for orphans and the disabled.

The Theatre is a member and diplomat of international theater festivals in Lugoj (Romania, October 2012), in Vratsa (Bulgaria, June 2013), in Ciechanów (Poland, August 2013), Sillamäe (Estonia, September 2013), Kiev (Ukraine, October 2013), in Tsarevo (Bulgaria, August 2014)

The Theater is the organizator of "Theatre Saturdays " project in the Kiev Fortress and " Theater Salon on Moskovskaya" at the Museum of Ukrainian Cultural Heritage, co-organizator and active participant of International Festival of folk theaters and amateur art JoyFest

Foundation of the theater activity

Theatre " Maskam Rad " (hereinafter - Theatre) has been originated and developed on a voluntary basis.

The Theatre is a nonprofit project. Its activity are funded by the organizators and participants of the Theater (hereinafter - the troupe) is also on a voluntary basis, and additionally by the voluntary contributions which covers rental and the scenery for the performances.

The foundation of the Theatre activities is an internal desire of each member of the troupe to reveal, develop and realize their creative abilities, human potential and acting skills as much as possible.

The Theatre - is the ability to spend time interesting, bright and with leisure in the group of like-minded people.

Our goals are:

  • A pleasant creative pastime
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • The development of memory and increasing vocabulary
  • Disclosure of communication skills: the ability to behave in public, to "hold" the audience and work in a team, and it is useful in private life and in any work.

We aim at the full development and multidimensional implementation all the troupe members.

First of all, we enjoy the process of theatrical creativity, as well as all other types of creation. When you gradually become something out of nothing: it`s not always perfect from the conventional point of view of professionals, but still sufficiently integral and permeated to our common efforts and emotions.

We are enjoying of the theatrical activity and giving the fun to people at the same time. Doing this we show that nothing is impossible in this world.

We revive the letter and spirit of folk theater.





Director and PR-director
of the project JoyFest

Ksenіya Goncharova


Project Coordinator and 
Co-Organizator of The
Festival JoyFest

Alina Sakun


Director of the theater "Maskam Rad" (In charge of collaboration with the theater)

Inna Goncharova



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