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History - a treasury of our acts, witness of the past,

example and teaching to the present, a premonition for the future

Miguel de Cervantes

June 28, 2014 in Kiev Fortress was held theFirst Festival of historical documentary films. It included works of Ukrainian Cinematographers about the history of Ukraine since the 17th century up to present days. At the festival was demonstrated the historical documentary films such as "Yuri Khmelnitsky" (writer and director Konstantin Shandybin, 2005), "Kobzar" (directed by Taras Tkachenko, Sergey Sotnichenko), "Neptune's Trident. Ukraine. History. Fleet. Sevastopol "(directed by Ivan Kanivets)," Ukrainian Revolution on memoirs Vsevolod Petriv. Episode 1 "(directed by Ivan Kanivets)," Sword and saber "(based on the works of Roman Koval. Director Vladimir Bondarenko. 2013)," Dmytro Doroshenko. My memories of the recent past. 1914-1920. "(Directed by Alexander Dombrowski, 2014), Episod "Theatre" from the series "Mirror of History"soap opera "Chronicle of hopes and illusions"(studio Telecon),"Live honestly and die honestly...Іgumenya Yosef" (directed by Alexander Ryabokrys, Maxim Pogrebnyak, 2014), Newsreel of "culture" cycles, "Caution! Children", " Soviet Ukraine. 1921-1991 "from " The Chronicle of hopes and illusions" series (studio Telecon).

During the festival a round table discussion "When the present turns into a history" was held. The conversation took place on the background of excerpts from the film "20 evidence from the critical day of confrontation on Maydan". Round table participants were the creators of this film, the organizators of the festival and all interested viewers.

Thefirst festival of the historical documentary film showed that the Ukrainian documentary today meets the international standards in this genre and worth demonstrations in other countries. The main trend of world historical documentary is a synthesis of documentary and play feature film. This principle is actively used by Ukrainian documentalists during the last decade.

Completely natural is the fact that the Ukrainian documentalists shoot films, especially about history of Ukraine. Thanks to demonstration of Ukrainian documentaries at the international level there is an additional opportunity to acquaint the international community with the history of Ukraine and tell the world about who we are - the Ukrainians, what influence we had on us and how we influence on the world historical process now, in particular on the global cultural process.

It is not a coincidence that historical documentary film festival was held in Kiev Fortress. National Historical and Architectural Museum "Kiev Fortress"is an unique fortification complex that was founded in 18-19 centures. It is the biggest fortification in Europe. This area has been visited by a lot of outstanding personalities in different historical periods. They have left their mark in history, including, for example, the legendary Baron Munchausen. In Kiev Fortress even the walls are breathing the history.

The second International Festival of historical documentary films in Kiev Fortress was held April 10-12, 2015 in Kiev Fortress.

The III International Festival of historical films was held in April 8-10, 2016.

The IV International Festival of historical films – in April 7-9, 2017.

The festival includes three blocks of films: full-length documentaries, short documentaries, feature films.

Countries whose films were presented at the festival: Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Switzerland, Georgia, Belarus, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Great Britain.

Objectives of the festival:

  • Acquaintance Ukrainians with the best examples of domestic and foreign historical documentary
  • Bring to mind and spread the idea of​​the importance of "niche" of historical documentary films, its huge role in the formation of national identity, fostering social consciousness and also formation of positive image of Ukraine in the international community
  • Acquaintance foreign filmmakers and audiences with the history of Ukraine
  • Exchange of experience among filmmakers from different countries

Applications for participation in The V International Festival of historical films in Kiev Fortress are accepted until March 13, 2018 to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(chairman of the organization committee of the festival).

Application form for participation in the festival must contain:

  • Full name of the films
  • Director's name;
  • Executive's producer name
  • Name of the copyright owner and the rights to show
  • The name of the participant country
  • Synopsis of the film

Trailer, or the link where organizators can watch the movie in full (otherwise it is necessary to send to the organization committee the disk or USB flash drive with video).

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