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The festival will be held in Kiev on October, 07-09, 2016. 

The Fourth International Theater Festival JoyFest - an unique festival area in Ukraine. Every autumn we are gathering theater groups, artists and photographers from different regions of Ukraine and all over the world. Classic, modern, underground, experiments - all in one package! The main goal to bring joy for the audience! The JoyFest program consists performances, photo and art exhibitions, master classes.

The festival has an active social component  the organizators help orphans, the disabled and pensioners to attend the performances.

Slogan: Find an art in yourself!

The festival is not competitive. The festival jury determines the nomination by themselves and expresses their opinion and recommendations for teams and individual participants for their work.

The jury of the festival: the representatives of the organizing committee, actors and directors Kiev theaters, artists, and culturologists.

The area of the festival:

"SCENE" demonstration of performances of amateur theaters

"ACTING" Acting workshops from leading directors, actors, teachers from drama schools

"PAINTING" exhibition of art works and meeting with Ukrainian artists

"WORKSHOP" Interesting creative workshops for children and adults

"KIDS ZONE" performances and shows for children, games, creative activities, cinema

"ZONE ENTERTAINMENT AND RECREATION" variety show from JoyFest partners, lounge area, photo area, dance performances, musical program

Objectives of the festival:

  • Make art closer, clearer and more accessible to every Ukrainian
  • To give the opportunity to non-professional actors, artists, photographers, filmmakers to realize and present their talents and skills
  • To organize workshops for adults and small guests and participants of Joy Fest
  • Bring to the theater movement as much Ukrainians and citizens of other countries as possible, regardless of their professions and age
  • To provide the Ukrainian creativity for the international theater community
  • To show the possibility of a gradual professional development for non-professionals

The JoyFest - is the only large-scale international event, which is aimed at the development and recognition of folk art. Organizators of JoyFest don`t see any boundaries and limitations for creativity and desire to learn new things and self-cultivation. JoyFest - is any creation that has evolved from a hobby into a way of life.

Thanks to the active promotion of the event in the media and social networks, as well as cooperation with various theater festivals abroad and the International Association of amateur theaters (AITA; http://www.aitaiata.org/gil/) we have got a lot of applications for participation in JoyFest.

JoyFest - is a direct proof of the fact that the line between professional and amateur art has become very thin and small. Nowadays, the most important thing: a human's desire to develop in the same time with hard work and active lifestyle.

At our festival professionals and amateurs are creating together, sharing an experience to each other and enjoying the collaboration and communication.

Conditions of participation

We are inviting all theater groups, photographers and artists to take part in JoyFest, regardless of their status, legal form, etc. If you don`t have a professional education, but you are fond of these art forms, the organizators of the festival will gladly consider your application.

The main theme of JoyFest 2016 will be COMEDY. We will consider all applications , but comedy performances will be given special preferences.

Please note that the membership fee for each participant of the festival - 25 euro. Applications shall be filed for free. All payments will be spent on the organization of event. For foreign groups organizers will provide accomodation and food twice per day (breakfast and lunch) for 3 festival days for group not more then 8 persons. If group consists more then 8 persons, each "extra person" pay for all needs (accomodation, meal) by themselves.


Applications for participate in the festival are accepted by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until June 5, 2016:

In the application form of theater groups should be specified:

  • The full name of the theater
  • Contacts (country, postal and electronic addresses, phone)
  • The number of members of the troupe
  • The number of participants involved in the play, which will be shown at the festival
  • Name of the head of the theater
  • The name of the show, which will be shown at the festival
  • Director of the play
  • Screenwriter
  • The duration of the performance
  • Agreement with the objectives of the festival

The application shall be accompanied by:

  • Synopsis of the script of the play (in Ukrainian, Russian or English)
  • General information of the theater: when and by whom founded, repertoire, goals (in Ukrainian, Russian or English)
  • The technical conditions for the performance (the size of the stage, technical support (sound, light, etc))
  • Link to the video of the all performance or some part near 15-30 minutes (post the video to YouTube and send us the link to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

In the application form of amateur artists and photographers must be specified:

  • Name
  • Contacts (country, postal and email address, phone number)
  • Brief information about the artist, style of art, the life story how he came to his hobby
  • Photo 5-6 works in JPEG (file length shouldn`t be larger then 1800 pixels, height - 900 pixels, for a total size of a single file mustn`t be larger then 2 MB).

Send works to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After all the participantce send their application forms, the Organizing Committee will select and send a notification to the selected participants for their participation in the festival - until June 12, 2016

Our achievements

The First JoyFest Festival (11-13 October 2013):

  • The audience - over 6000

  • Geography - 4 countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and Italy)

  • Participants - 100 people

  • Media partners - 11 media

  • Publications in the Internet - more than 150 materials

The Second JoyFest Festival (10-12 October 2014):

  • The audience - more than 10,000

  • Geography - 2 countries (Ukraine and Egypt)

  • Participants - 100 people

  • Media partners - 10 media

  • Publications in Internet - about 200 materials

 The Third JoyFest Festival (09-11 October 2015):

  • The audience - more than 5,000

  • Geography - 2 countries (Ukraine and Romania)

  • Participants - 100 people

  • Media partners - 15 media

  • Publications in Internet - about 220 materials






Director and PR-director
of the project JoyFest

Ksenіya Goncharova


Project Coordinator and 
Co-Organizator of The
Festival JoyFest

Alina Sakun


Director of the theater "Maskam Rad" (In charge of collaboration with the theater)

Inna Goncharova







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