Setting of payment : "voluntarily offering on realization offestival JoyFest"
 or "voluntarily offering on statute activity".

Our project:

Public non-profit organization "International Socio-cultural project" JOYFEST "was officially registered in 2013, but its members initiate and implement social and cultural projects in Ukraine and abroad since June 2011.

Geography of activity: Ukraine, countries of the European Union, countries of the former Soviet Union, and all other states, regardless of the continent where they are located.

Our mission:

  •           To promote the development of amateur art in Ukraine;
  •       To facilitate the transition to a new form of participation of the Ukrainian people in cultural processes: from the consumption of cultural products - to directly participation in its creation;
  •           To increase the cultural component of the Ukrainian society;
  •       To promote creativity as the highest manifestation of civic consciousness and the way of personal development;
  •       To make art understandable and accessible to all segments of the population.

Our main activities:

  • The revival of folk art in Ukraine
  • Organizing and conducting charitable cultural events: theater shows, art and photographic exhibitions, workshops, concerts, festivals
  • Production and demonstration of the performances for adults and children
  • Organizing concert tours of Ukrainian and foreing folk theaters all over the world
  • Participation in cultural events theater orientation, which are held in Ukraine and abroad
  • Involvement to activities young and talented creative teams


  • Searching for the new forms of the theatrical activity in Ukraine
  • The union of like-minded people and exchanging of cultural experiences in the theme of organization, management and creativity of amateur, semi-professional and professional theaters around the world
  • Promotion of the theory of permanent self-identity of Ukrainians and demonstration of the implementation of this theory in practice
  • Demonstration of the relevance and success of cultural projects and art projects that are not funded by the state and local authorities
  • Acquaintance the audience with representatives of world drama
  • Acquaintance the Ukrainian viewers with the creativity of foreign theatres
  • Ensuring the availability of cultural activities for people with disabilities, orphans and poor people

Our projects:

  • "Maskam Rad " Theatre
  • International Theater Festival JoyFest
  • International Festival of historical documentary films
  • Theater Fair carnival (held on the Day of Museums)
  • Theatre Saturdays in Kiev Fortress
  • Theater Salon on Moskovskaya including drama school (Museum of Cultural Heritage of Ukraine)
  • Theatrical perfomances at the Museum of History of Kyiv

Our team

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Ksenia Goncharova - director of the NGO "International Socio-cultural project" JOYFEST PR-director of the project


Dmitry Polishchuk - ideologist and patron of The International Theater Festival JoyFest

Inna Goncharova - curator of the International Festival of historical documentary films, Theater Fair Carnival, project "Theatre Saturdays in Kiev Fortress" and "The Moscow Theater Salon", the head of the Theatre "Maskam Rad"

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Anastasiia Lisovyk - coordinator and co-organizator of the International Theater Festival JoyFestt, coordinator of organization`s projects


Victor Kozhevnikov - co-organizator of the International Theater Festival JoyFest

Dmitry Kozhevnikov - chief designer in organization`s projects







Director and PR-director
of the project JoyFest

Ksenіya Goncharova


Project Coordinator and 
Co-Organizator of The
Festival JoyFest

Alina Sakun


Director of the theater "Maskam Rad" (In charge of collaboration with the theater)

Inna Goncharova



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