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The Program of the Sixth International Theatre Festival JOYFEST-2018

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of October 2018 Kyiv, 14 Kreshchatyk str. (Grand-hall, 1-st floor)

Organizer: NGO “International Social and Cultural project “Joyfest”

With the support of: Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Patron and ideologist: Dmytro Polishchuk

Ground and Co-organizer: “Kreshatyk” Hotel

General Partner: “JOY” magazine

Chief Internet-partner:  the first authorial journalism site “fraza.ua”

Information partners: the portal "Bigmir.net", the journal "Telenedelya", the information agency "Journalist", the portals "Our Kiev", "OblikMedia", "Infoportal.kiev.info", "44.ua", "TopClub", "My Kiev", "Gloss.ua", "Weekend. Kiev.vj.ua".

Partners: online gift store "Bodo", ProEnglishTheatre, ImprovClub, Kyiv municipal academy of variety and circus arts, brand of clothes and accessories Lowa.Lime, theater of shadows Verba.

Project Manager: Kseniya Goncharova

Chief coordinatorr and co-organizer: Anastasiia Lisovyk

Special Partner and Co-organizer: “Maskam Rad” Theatre

Development and hand-painting of festival memorable prizes: Elizaveta Ovodova

Technical Director: Dmitry Matusov

Design: Maria Novak


The Program of the Sixth International Theatre Festival JOYFEST-2018

“Kreshchatyk” Hotel`s Grand-hall


Kyiv, st. Khreshchatyk, 14 (metro station "Maydan Nezalezhnosti")



*ATTENTION! The program can change. Follow the updates on the website and www.facebook.com/JOYFEST.Kiev/

During four festival days on #joyfest2018:

- JoyFest theatre space: presenting of contest`s and non-contest`s plays in different languages (adult and youth category)

- Acting workshops in English from an actor, director, teacher, head of ProEnglish Theatre Alex Borovenskyi

- Lecture from the National Bureau of the EU program "Creative Europe" in Ukraine

- Theatre posters exhibition

- Educational and entertaining master classes on improvisation from the host, teacher, showman, the founder of the improvclub "Improvclub" club, Sergei Velichansky (between performances during the day)

- Interactive selfie-zone

4 October (Thursday)

16:55 - JoyFest-2018 Opening. Greeting festival`s jury.

17:00 - contest`s philosophical fairy tale "Somewhere in the Universe" (based on the play by Julita Ran). Theater studio "ARTMUR" (Melitopol, Ukraine) - duration - 1 hour

18:30 - contest`s performance "Only between us ..." (based on the play by Miro Gavrano "Everything about women"). Theater "SoloWayGirls" (Kyiv) - duration - 1 hour 10 minutes

20:00 - closed evening for participants and organizer of JoyFest-2018. Presentation of teams, communication, exchange of contacts (only for participants of the festival).

5 October (Friday)

12:00 - contest`s performance "The Angels Don`t Cry" (based on the play by Asi Kotlyar). Kiev Drama Theater-Studio "Yabloko" (Kyiv) - duration - 1 hour 10 minutes

13:30 - presentation "Opportunities of Creative Europe for Performative Arts" program. Speaker: project manager of the National Bureau of the EU program "Creative Europe" in Ukraine - Anna Turlo. Useful information for cultural figures, theater groups - duration 45 minutes

14:30 - contest`s performance "Football Club UBU - Final". Theater "Vígkarma- DESZ" (Debrecen, Hungary) - duration - 1 hour 10 minutes

16:15 - contest`s performance "To the first bumps" (based on the work of Stepan Vasilchenko). Theatrical student group "Palladium" (Kyiv) - duration - 45 minutes

17:30 - contest`s mono drama "Life is Beautiful" (based on Romain Rolland's novel "Cola Bryunon"). Mono Theater of Vladimir Livshits (Ukraine-Israel) - duration - 1 hour

19:00 - contest`s performance: a fairy tale "Two kilometers of clever words" (based on the works of Yevgeny Klyuyev). Theater group "The Fifth Wheel" (Donetsk, Ukraine) - duration - 1 hour 15 minutes

21:00 - special guests of JoyFest: finalists of six talent shows "GotTalent" format ("Ukraine is talent", "Das Supertalent" (Germany), "France Digital Talent" (France) and others), laureates of numerous festivals and competitions in different parts of the world - Shadow Theater "VERBA" (Chernigov, Ukraine). Shadow show «Kingdom of Shadows» - duration 30 minutes

6 October (Saturday)

12:00 - contest`s performance "Monologues for all time ..." (a play by V. Korytna). Theater-studio "Vernissage" (Kyiv) - youth category, duration - 45 minutes

12:45 - theatre skills workshop on English “Acting for Kids” from an actor, director, teacher, head of ProEnglish Theatre Alex Borovenskyi - duration - 1 hour

13:45 -  non-contest`s play "Fairy tales of the Queen of the Seas" (based on fairy tales of the peoples of Great Britain). The third course of the department of acting and directing the Puppet Theater of KNUTKiT named Karpenko-Kary (Kyiv) - duration - 35 minutes

14:50 - contest`s performance "Dialogue with a sniper" (based on the work of Zhanna Bezpiatchuk). Theater of Literary Presentations "For the First Time" (Lutsk, Ukraine) - duration - 50 minutes

16:15 - contest`s performance "Living Water" (based on the play by A. Bohun and I. Bondarenko). Children's theater-studio "Azart" (Kharkov, Ukraine) - youth category, duration - 45 minutes

17:45 - contest`s comedy "Škriepky (Trouble in Chiozza)" (based on the play by CarloGoldoni). Theater "Theater" A "and Theater Shanti" (Prievidza, Slovakia) - performed in Slovak, duration - 1 hour 30 minutes

19:45 - contest`s detective "8th take" (based on the plays of A. Chekhov and B. Akunin). Theater platform "Masterskaya" (Kyiv) - duration - 1 hour 30 minutes

7 October (Sunday)

11:15 - contest`s play "Blondi" (based on the play of Dmitry Bogoslavsky). ProEnglish Theater (Kyiv) - performed in English, duration - 1 hour 10 minutes

13:00 - contest`s performance "New-come" (based on Elena Nessmyan's play). Young Actor Theater (Kyiv) - youth category, duration - 1 hour 10 minutes

14:15 - theatre skills workshop on English “Drifting” from an actor, director, teacher, head of ProEnglish Theatre Alex Borovenskyi - duration - 1 hour

15:20 - contest`s performance "Chekhov. On the big road. " Theater "Associazione cultura le Teatro dei Dioscuri" (Campagna, Italy) - performed in Italian, duration - 40 minutes

16:30 - contest`s drama with elements of the comedy "On the Verge" (based on the work of Lana Ra). Antonio Gaudi Theater Studio (Kyiv) - duration - 55 minutes

18:00 - contest`s comedy "Love under sauce" (based on the play of Mark Camoletti). Ukrainian Theater Shkaff (Kyiv) - duration - 1 hour 30 minutes

20:00 - official closing of the festival and banquet (only for participants of the festival)







Director and PR-director
of the project JoyFest

Ksenіya Goncharova


Project Coordinator and 
Co-Organizator of The
Festival JoyFest

Alina Sakun


Director of the theater "Maskam Rad" (In charge of collaboration with the theater)

Inna Goncharova







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