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26, 27, 28 and 29 September 2019

Hotel Khreschatyk Grand Hall

Organized by: NGO “International Socio-cultural Project JOYFEST”

Arts Patron and Ideologist: Dmitry Polischuk

Scene and Co-organizer: Hotel Khreschatyk

Sponsor: restaurant chain “Eurasia”

Main Internet partner: the first website of authorial journalism “fraza.ua”

Media partners: “JOY” magazine, “Million Magazine”, “Lady Million” magazine, project “Theatre Love”, web-portal “Bigmir.net”, “Telenedelia” magazine, web-portals “Infoportal.kiev.info”, “44.ua”, “Top Club”, “My Kyiv”.

Partners: company Mary Kay, ProEnglish Theatre, “Kuznia Fantazii” (“Smithy of Fantasy”), Easy Decor, Improv club.

Head of the Project: Ksenia Goncharova

Main coordinator and co-organizer: Alina Sakun

Special partner and co-organizer: Theatre “Maskam Rad”

Technical Director: Dmitry Matusov

Design and hand painting of festival memorable gifts: Yelizaveta Ovodova

Designer: Olena Pidstrela

Photographer: Maryna Kutsenko

Program of the Seventh International Theatre Festival JOYFEST

(Festival of joy for the whole family)

Address where the event will take place:

14 Khreschatyk Street (“Maidan Nezalezhnosti” metro station)




*ATTENTION! The changes are possible in the program. Watch for updates on the website and www.facebook.com/JOYFEST.Kiev/

During 4 festival days at #joyfest2019:

-                theatrical space JoyFest: showing competition and out-of-competition performances in different languages

-                acting and drama master-classes for kids and adults in English from the trainers of English-speaking educational project ProEnglish Theatre

-                authorial acting master-class from the teacher, director, head of the Theatre and Film Academy Mr. Dim Amor (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

-             stage martial arts and using prop arms master-classes by the stage props studio “Kuznia Fantazii” (“Smithy of Fantasy”) in Ukrainian and in English (arms and armor and their light stage equivalents, props creation, fencing and its types, stage sword and shield using)

-             beauty-zones and workshops from Mary Kay

-             bright photo zone from “Easy Décor”

26 September (Thursday)

16:25 – opening of JoyFest-2019. Greeting the participants and jury of the festival.

16:30 – competition performance with the opera elements “TOGETHER/RAZOM about Female Things”. Theatre-studio “RAZOM” (Kyiv) – lasts 50 minutes

18:00 – competition performance “HAMSTER SAGA” (comedy of manners without any manners in English). ProEnglish Theatre (Kyiv) – lasts 1 hour 30 minutes – ATTENTION! Age limit to watch the performance is 12+

19:30 – author’s acting master-class by the director, founder and head of the Theatre and Film Academy Mr. Dim Amor (Tel-Aviv, Israel) – lasts 45 minutes

20:20 – closed acquaintance party for the participants of JoyFest-2019. Presentation of groups, communication, contacts exchange (only for the festival participants).


September 27 (Friday)

11:30 – competition performance “Sylvia” (by the playwright Albert Giorni). Kyiv Drama Theatre Studio “Yabluko” (Kyiv) – lasts 1 hour 30 minutes

13:40 – competition performance “Coma Patients”. Creative Group “Franco-Theatre” (Kolomyia, Ukraine) - lasts 1 hour 20 minutes  

15:30 – competition performance “Witch” (based on the play Viy by Mykola Gogol). Dim Amor Theatre and Film Academy (Tel Aviv, Israel) – lasts 1 hour. ATTENTION! Age limit to watch the performance is 16+

17:00 – competition performance “Don’t forget me” (based on the play “Don’t leave me” by Oleksiy Dudariev). Theatre studio “Kolorytmy” (Kyiv) – lasts 1 hour 10 minutes

18:40 – poetic performance based on the poems by Lina Kostenko “Ko: Lina Kostenko”. Theatre community “DSP” (Kyiv) – lasts 1 hour

20:10 –competition performance “Dibuk'” (Jewish mystique). Dim Amor Theatre and Film Academy (Tel-Aviv, Israel) – lasts 1 hour 10 minutes. ATTENTION! Age limit to watch the performance is 18+

September 28 (Saturday)

11:30 – competition performance Dayîk (means Mother). Bojnourd Art Theater Group (Bojnurd, Iran) lasts 1 hour, performed in Persian

12:30 – acting master-class in English “Acting for Kids Workshop” from the trainers of English-speaking project ProEnglish Theatre (for years 6-12) – lasts 1 hour, performed in English

13:30 – competition performance “Human Voice” (by the playwright Jean Cocteau). Theatre group “Pravda/Perspectyva” (Kyiv) – lasts 50 minutes

15:00 – competition comedy «Nikolaj Gogol: Frieriet» (based on the play “Marriage” by Mykola Gogol). Theatre «Hoga Kusten Teaterforening» (Kramfors, Sweden) – performed in Swedish, lasts 1 hour 20 minutes

16:20 – workshop «Props for stage combat» from the founder of the stage props studio “Kuznia Fantazii” (“Smithy of Fantasy”) Yuriy Zipov. The participants will find out how to create realistic arms and armors for a performance/film and not to spend all the project funds on this – lasts 45 minutes, performed in English, age limit: 14+

17:15 – competition comedy “French Dinner” (by the playwright Marc Camoletti). Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theatre “Kurazh” (Kyiv) – lasts 1 hour 15 minutes

19:00 – competition drama «Kreon's Antigone» (by the playwright Miro Gavran). Theatre “Box Youth Theater” (Debrecen, Hungary) – performed in Hungarian, lasts 50 minutes

20:20 – competition tragicomedy “Free Couple” (by the playwright Dario Fo). Theatre “MYshshsh” (Kyiv) – lasts 1 hour 30 minutes

29 September (Sunday)

11:00 – author’s acting master-class by the director, founder and head of the Theatre and Film Academy Dim Amor (Tel-Aviv, Israel) – lasts 1 hour

12:00 – competition performance “Fuimus We Were”. Independent Theatre (Kyiv) – lasts 1 hour 10 minutes

13:15 – actors training for adults (aged 16 years or older) in English with trainers of ProEnglish Drama School. We search for expressiveness of movements, words and mimic together. – lasts 1 hour

14:30 – competition performance “Would You not Go, Mom?” Psychological theatre “PsyKoshka” – lasts 1 hour

16:00 – competition performance “Ticket to Life”. Creative Group “Franco-Theatre” (Kolomyia, Ukraine) – lasts 50 minutes

17:30 – competition drama “Mother/Daughter: Charge Double”. Ukrainian Theatre “Shkaff” (Kyiv) – lasts 1 hour 15 minutes.

18:45 – master-class of stage combat “The Basics of Stage Fencing (sword + shield)” by the founder of the stage props studio “Kuznia Fantazii” (“Smithy of Fantasy”) Yuriy Zipov and his team. The participants will find out about the types of arms, movements with them from the fighter’s point of view and will practice short bunches of combat moves under the coach’s supervisionlasts minutes, age limit: 14+

19:30 – out-of-competition dancing performance in tribal-fusion style “Legend About Fern Flowering”. First time in Ukraine. Jah Surya Dance Group (Kyiv) – lasts 36 minutes

20:15 – ceremonial closing of the festival (for the participants of JoyFest-2019).

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Director and PR-director
of the project JoyFest

Ksenіya Goncharova


Project Coordinator and 
Co-Organizator of The
Festival JoyFest

Alina Sakun


Director of the theater "Maskam Rad" (In charge of collaboration with the theater)

Inna Goncharova



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